Such a big and important art project can be realized only with the support of professional teams. And so we are happy that software developers from all over the world make our art project possible with their expertise:


[CustomHash AG] The developers of this cool company have developed the smart contract for the NFT. In addition, a technology with which we can generate the numerous BLOCK:NFT easier and faster -Thank you, guys!



[me.mento XR interactive AG] This is so cool – with the XR technology this company makes it possible that everyone in the world can look at the artwork at any time. On the PC desktop in 3D or with VR glasses in XR. In addition, this company then develops our meeting space for the community in XR – see you there!

[Advisors] To make the project popular a lot of NFT advisors from Canada, US and Portugal support us. Stay tuned at our channels on Insta and Twitter so you will meet them!